#1 Fat Matt's Rib Shack

Why? Because I’m craving BBQ and probably won’t get to have any tonight, so I’ll write about it instead.

Arguably some of the best BBQ in town, Fat Matt’s is a hole-in-the-wall that you have probably driven past a dozen times and never known it’s there. I may not be a BBQ connoisseur, but I know what I like and I love Fat Matt’s Rib Shack.

My standard order is this: 1/2 slab of ribs with a side of “rum” baked beans, and if I’m lucky, they’ll have collard greens that day and I’ll feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.

It’s where “falls off the bone” meets “loosen your pants.” If you’re craving BBQ tonight, head over to Fat Matt’s. You can tell ’em I sent you, but their response will probably be, “Who?”

WHERE: Fat Matt’s Rib Shack1811 Piedmont Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 607-1622

Photo credit: by lawgeek on flickr.com

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  1. blcope says:

    GREAT! I’m craving ribs now #FAIL!

  2. mauraneill says:

    Thanks, Brian! Looks like the post did its job! =)

    C’mon down and have some Fat Matt’s with me!

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