CONTEST! What's Your Motto? – Tuesday 3/9 through Friday 3/12, 2010 and the Atlanta History Center are co-sponsoring our “What’s Your Motto?” contest in celebration of one of the Atlanta History Center’s current traveling exhibits, “Let Your Motto Be Resistance.”

What’s Your Motto? What is the motto by which you live your life? What words of wisdom do you live by? Tell us in 50 words or less.

You can submit your motto one of three ways:

  • here as a comment below this CONTEST! post,
  • on our Facebook fan page, under the Discussions tab, under the WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO? topic,
  • or BE CREATIVE and submit via YouTube video link – simply post the link to your video, telling us your motto, below in the comments section of this post

Be sure to see “Let Your Motto Be Resistance,” on display at the Atlanta History Center through April 25th! Learn more about the contest here:

We look forward to reading (or viewing) your creative and inspiring entries to “What’s Your Motto?” – enjoy and have fun!

The Fine Print…One entry per person. Two winners will be selected by Atlanta History Center staff and Tickets will be held at the ticket desk at the Atlanta History Center for pick-up under the name of each winner. Deadline to enter is 5 PM on Friday, March 12. Entries time-stamped by Facebook and/or posted on the site after 5 PM on Friday, March 12 will not be considered. Only two family passes are available (each Family Pass admits up to 2 adults and 4 children). If any winner declines their tickets or needs fewer than 4 tickets, additional winner(s) may be chosen. Winners will be notified ONLY via Facebook message and/or email and must respond to verify receipt of win. The Atlanta History Center and retain the right to use any and all entries for promotional purposes.

15 Enlightened Replies

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  1. Lindsey M. says:

    My motto is a saying I got from my grandmother:

    “Always stay in your own lane and always have the right shade of lipstick.”

  2. Zoe W. says:

    My motto is about experiencing everything you possibly can in life, thinking outside the box, and just going for it:

    “Live life to the fullest”

  3. stacey. says:

    “Bloom Where You’re Planted!”

  4. Nancy says:

    Love one another

  5. Fight life with life.

  6. Deena says:

    My motto did not originate with me but it’s something I learned from a friend, who heard it from his minister which in turn compelled me to want to tell it to any young person I come across. Simply said as follows, “Go where the people are at where you want to be!” Speaks to any situation. Awesome!

  7. deidre richardson says:

    Be humble and do the best you can.

  8. jenny626 says:

    This has been our family motto for years-

    “You gotta be tough when you’re dumb!”…

    Definitely tongue-in-cheek!

  9. Cathy Davis Hall says:

    Life is not a dress rehearsal!

  10. Lake Sirmon says:

    You can’t get a positive result with a negative attitude.

  11. Wendy Allen says:

    In a world where you can be anything, be yourself. That’s who God sees anyways.

  12. Cody Melissa says:

    Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?

  13. George Clark says:

    “A vision without a task is a dream. A task without a vision is drudgery. However, if you combine the two, you can change the world.”

  14. Calvin Davis says:

    “Feel My Pride,It Weighs More Than Your Swagg”!!

  15. Josh Merriman says:

    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind

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