#72 BONUS – See What The Atlanta Opera's "Social Medialites" Had to Say During Social Media Night at "The Magic Flute"

Want to know more about The Atlanta Opera’s NEW production of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute? See below for the twitter stream from The Atlanta Opera’s “Social Medialites” – including yours truly from 365Atlanta.com – with our insights, reactions and thoughts from the final dress rehearsal.

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#MagicFlute on Twitter

@acjudge: Getting ready for my first @TheAtlantaOpera experience–it’s dress rehearsal/social media night, tweeting my thoughts on #magicflute tonight

@365Atlanta: The opera begins with a very Mozart-ian overture. How can anyone hear Mozart and NOT feel happy? #magicflute @TheAtlantaOpera

@ATL_Events: Always admired classical musicians, so much training, discipline, talent, and you can barely see them down in the pit! #magicflute

@365Atlanta: Amazing set – W. A. Mozart himself welcomes you to #magicflute

@ATL_Events: Opening song was incredible, three amazing divas. #magicflute

@365Atlanta: Interesting new production of #magicflute -English dialogue with German lyrics (English supertitles) – great way to initiate new operagoers!

@oaklandcemetery/@ratpack: Wonderful puzzlebox set opens up a fantastic combination of environmental accents, puppets, & performers. #magicflute

@365Atlanta: Sean Panikkar is a very easy-on-the-ears tenor as Tamino in @TheAtlantaOpera’s #magicflute. I love a tenor…

@oaklandcemetery: 3 divas craving affection, a light saber (#magicflute), a sidekick, & mission to save a princess: story of my life! Booyah!

@oaklandcemetery: “We live by love alone”. True words y’all from the #MagicFlute

@365Atlanta: Dear @TheAtlantaOpera: Next time, I wanna be the porcupine. Thanks! =) #magicflute

@oaklandcemetery: I think the #magicflute just summoned the caddyshack gopher! J/K y’all. Loving the interaction of actors & #puppets! Fun!

@suerodman: Slaves were attracted to the bells like boys to a DS #magicflute

@oaklandcemetery: Woah! The Sarastro pyramid ensemble scene is impressive. Boo-yah! #magicflute

@suerodman: Intermission at #magicflute So far enjoying my first Opera. Not what I expected. Amazing voices, puppets, fabulous sets, and it’s funny.

@ATL_Events: Really impressed with the cast of #magicflute. Amazing singing, acting, gorgeous costumes. Funny and easy to follow with the subtitles.

@acjudge: #magicflute is awesome so far: incredible set, pretty funny, talented artists, i’m digging it. Gotta admit, i was nervous about liking opera

@acjudge: Plus, if learning about opera isn’t enough to get you to come to #magicflute, there is a big porcupine. Yes, that’s correct :)

@parkcofield: I can hear the chorus warming up with the chorus master. You’re in for a treat during act two! #magicflute

@365Atlanta: “Without [a man’s] guidance, a woman may overstep her bounds.” Oh, Wolfgang…  #magicflute @TheAtlantaOpera

@365Atlanta: Tamino and Papageno’s trials: “You may see her but you may not speak to her.” I know a few guys this would work best for. #magicflute

@suerodman: Oh man, you sure she isn’t the evil stepmother. Ordering her daughter to commit murder #magicflute

@oaklandcemetery: The Queen’s voice is absolutely amazing! Just wow! #magicflute

@365Atlanta: The Queen of the Night’s aria is one of the most difficult & famous pieces written – hear it LIVE at @TheAtlantaOpera’s #magicflute

@ATL_Events: Now I know why they say the Queen of the Night role is so difficult! Challenging arias. #magicflute

@oaklandcemetery: Puppets, pyrotechnics, and fog machines. Triple play of #magicflute awesomeness. Boo-yah!

@365Atlanta: Why I love opera: Pamina (after mtg Tamino once): “Don’t you love me anymore?” & then sorrowful song how her joy’s gone forever. #magicflute

@365Atlanta: Sarastro & his priests – the original frat boys, all secret ceremonies and torches and symbols. All they need is a keg of PBR. #magicflute

@TheAtlantaOpera: We have some great Tweeters tonight at #magicflute

@oaklandcemetery: I want to know what is inside the box that lights up when opened. It’s like the briefcase from Pulp Fiction. #magicflute

@TheAtlantaOpera: @oaklandcemetery It’s Paminas soul. #magicflute

@365Atlanta: The Queen of the Night is a flashy and spectacular role, but the @TheAtlantaOpera’s Pamina shines! #magicflute

@365Atlanta: Tamino must’ve listened to his mother & stuck with those flute lessons as a kid – it’s a good thing since it saves his life. #magicflute

@oaklandcemetery: The advice Admiral Ackbar would give Tamino about risking his life for love: Its a Trap! #magicflute

@oaklandcemetery: Great comic relief from the Papagena character. He really wants and needs to find a lady friend.#magicflute

@oaklandcemetery: I love the contrast of costumes & puppets being very bright set against the sand tones in the background. #magicflute

@365Atlanta: Good conquers evil, day conquers night. All happy endings and lovers uniting here at @TheAtlantaOpera’s #magicflute.

@suerodman: I throughly enjoyed my first Opera! Thx @TheAtlantaOpera. #magicflute

@katiemanderson: I went to the opera for the first time #magicflute by Mozart from @TheAtlantaOpera was phenomenal- there were puppets from @CtrPuppertryArts

@katiemanderson: Still thinking about the puppets in the #magicflutefrom @CtrPuppetryArts – reminded me of the vampire puppets in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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  1. Stuart says:

    So glad you enjoyed it! Opening night tonight will be exiting. I’m honing my magic powers for act two.
    Thanks for all the positive press!

    Stuart (aka Second Priest, the thunder-calling-magic-cup-producing bad a$$-LOL)

  2. mauraneill says:

    Stuart: I hope opening night went great! =)

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