#99 – Noon Midtown Cafe and Bar – “Simple, Tasty Food” – Now Open for Dinner!

I’ve been hearing a lot about Noon Midtown lately, and once I started following Noon on Twitter (@NoonMidtown), I knew I had to pay a visit.

I started by meeting two friends at Noon for lunch. It was the first visit for all three of us and we were salivating over the menu for days before our lunch date! The atmosphere is clean and crisp, comfortable without being too casual. We each tried a different sandwich androasted-eggplant-panino-noon-midtown-atlanta-ga one bite was enough to know we’d be back. I tried the Roasted Eggplant Panino, with sun-dried tomato pesto, goat cheese, and balsalmic glaze on ciabatta¬†(pictured) and they had the Chicken Salad Sandwich and Turkey Sandwich. I’m already planning my next lunch – the Grilled Cheese of the Week and Soup of the Day (whatever they are! I’m a huge fan of grilled cheese and soup!) are calling my name. Noon posts the specials each day on Twitter, so start following them for updated information.

I wanted to return for dinner before posting, since Noon just opened for dinner on April 27, 2010. ¬†So a couple of nights later, I returned to try out the dinner menu. My friend, Ann, and I sampled the Potato and Manchego Croquettes as well as the Goat-Cheese Stuffed Pequillo Peppers for starters. The croquettes were a little bit on the salty side, probably the fault of the cheese (but fine for me, being a salt-lover!), but the peppers were absolutely heavenly. For dinner, I had another appetizer menu item because I couldn’t resist it: Green + Egg + Ham, a crispy five-minute egg with asparagus and Benton’s country ham (pictured – I cut open the egg for the green-egg-ham-noon-midtown-atlanta-gaphoto). It was definitely one of the most creative and tasty small dishes I’ve had in a long time. Ann had the Steak Frites, Painted Hills hanger steak, frites, gorgonzola fondue and arugula. She let me sample it and I had to agree with her that it was delicious. The gorgonzola fondue was almost a foam it was so light and the arugula was a nice, spicy companion to the medium rare steak.

So I say, “GO!” Head to Noon Midtown for some simple, tasty food. If you’ve already eaten lunch there, you are in for a treat with the dinner menu and you should certainly give it a try. Check out the menus on the Noon Midtown website and start salivating now!

Tell them 365Atlanta sent you!

WHERE: Noon Midtown – 1050 Crescent Avenue, Atlanta GA (between 11th and 12th)

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