#101 – Farm Burger in Decatur, GA – Now That’s One Delicious, Ethical Burger


I’ve been hearing a lot about Farm Burger lately, especially on Twitter, and to be honest, I was starting to get a little jealous of those who had been there when I hadn’t yet! I was driving by last week, so I pulled a U-turn and decided to treat myself to one of these much-talked-about burgers. I was so very glad I did!

I feasted on a delicious burger topped with arugula and Laura Chenel goat cheese (one of my favorite combos!) – the arugula was fresh, crisp and spicy and the goat cheese was tangy and smooth. It made for a great burger. And as a special treat to myself, I tried one of Farm Burger’s specialty floats, made with vanilla ice cream in a house-made ginger farmade, which was an interesting combination. I’m glad I tried it – I was pleasantly surprised and it was a nice change from my usual Coke float. I didn’t have an opportunity to try the float that looks especially mouthwatering – Farm Burger’s Adult Float, made with vanilla porter or JK Scrumpy’s cider. That will have to wait for another non-work day (though it was tempting!). farm-burger-410b-w-ponce-de-leon-ave-decatur-ga-burger-goat-cheese-arugula

You can build your own burger or choose from Farm Burger’s six Blackboard Burgers. There are so many mouthwatering toppings on the menu board, I know I have many more visits in store to be able to try them all. A few I’m particularly interested in sampling are the Grafton smoked white cheddar cheese, fried farm egg, smoked paprika mayonnaise, and the one that really sticks out in my mind, the roasted bone marrow.

“Farm Burger wants you to think about your burger.” Where it’s from, what it is, what you’re eating. Their beef is 100% grass-fed and their cows are never fed antibiotics, hormones, or grain. That’s a good thing. Another good thing is that their menu is seasonal and based on local crops and comes from local farms. If you’re looking for a particular topping and it’s not on the menu, come back another time and you may find it there, based on what’s in season right now in our area. Sustainable food sources and using local farms are more than just trendy buzzwords in the food community right now – it’s smart to think about bolstering the local economy and eating “cleaner”, fresher foods. Their website says it best: “From our beef to our tomatoes to our compostable containers to our owners, Farm Burger is sustainable, local, humane, and helping to reroute our food system to function more like an ecosystem than a corporation.” Farm Burger is doing just that – try them out today!

WHERE: Farm Burger – 410B W. Ponce de Leon Avenue, Decatur, GA

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