#110 – The Viceroy Royal Indian Dining – The Taste of Indian Royalty in Dunwoody


I love Indian food. It’s one of my favorite cuisines, so I am always really excited to try a new Indian restaurant.

We happened upon The Viceroy in Dunwoody the other night just by chance, while we were looking for somewhere new to try, and I have to say, I was impressed! Having a couple of close friends of Indian descent has given me pretty high expectations when it comes to Indian food. They introduced me to it years ago and have taught me what to expect from a really good Indian restaurant.

The crisp black-and-white interior is instantly welcoming and warm, punctuated by tastefully placed, traditional Indian art and subtle Indian music playing in the background. You are greeted at your table with a complimentary plate of crisp Pappadum (spiced lentil wafers) and a dish of bright green coriander chutney (for those of you who haven’t tried Indian food, it’s sort of the equivalent of chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant). We ordered a plate of Samosas (spiced potatoes and peas in a pastry shell – pictured), which are crispy, fried goodness – a definitely comfort food! And we had a plate of Aloo Tikki Chat (spiced chick peas and potato patties, with onions, cilantro and tomatoes) – so good, but so filling! the-viceroy-indian-restaurant-ashford-dunwoody-road-atlanta-ga-samosa-samosas

One of my stand-by, go-to dishes when trying out a new Indian restaurant is Saag Paneer (Homemade Cheese with Spinach). I’ve found that I can gauge how much I will like a restaurant by how good their Saag Panner is. The key to a really good Saag Paneer (I’ve been told) is a firm and flavorful cheese in a lightly-spiced spinach, not too oily, not too watery. The Viceroy hit the mark for me – it was perfect! (In keeping with my habit when dining at Indian restaurants, we over-ordered and ended up taking most of it home – but that just means leftovers!)

Whether you’re an Indian food enthusiast or a newbie who doesn’t know a tikka masala from a pakora, I think you should check out The Viceroy Royal Indian Dining in Dunwoody. They definitely deliver one of  the best experiences in “royal Indian dining” and satisfying authentic cuisine.

WHERE: The Viceroy Royal Indian Dining – 4719 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Ste. 104, Dunwoody, GA

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