#111 – Get a Pantry Makeover and In-Home Cooking Lesson from Chef Angela McKeller of “Kick Back and Kook”


I recently won a Pantry Makeover and In-Home Cooking Lesson from Dunwoody’s Chef Angela McKeller of Kick Back and Kook! A lot of my friends and clients have asked me about Chef Angela, so I thought it would make a good “thing to do”! I really enjoyed the experience, it made my kitchen and pantry a lot more accessible and organized, and we had a great time. The great thing about this “thing to do” is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home!angela-cooking-lesson-kick-back-kook-atlanta-ga

My hubby and I love to cook and we have a pretty fabulous garden (thanks to the hubby – he’s the one with the green thumb!), but our busy schedules (i.e., working AND coming up with one “thing to do” to post every day on 365Atlanta.com!) makes it difficult for us to really stay organized in the kitchen and figure out what we need to keep on hand to cut down on our grocery shopping. Last Saturday afternoon, Chef Angela came to our house, cleaned out and organized my pantry, helped me identify staples that we need to keep on hand to cook the meals we enjoy, as well as what to keep in the house for various new recipes we may want to try. She also gave us some food storage tips (for example, don’t store your spices over your stove – the steam will ruin them!) and then taught me to make a delicious and easy Coq au Vin (chicken in wine) in the Crock-Pot. I can say that, just one day later, cooking a meal in my newly-organized kitchen has been a totally different experience! (Pictured – Angela demonstrating Coq au Vin in my kitchen.)

Chef Angela also does in-home cooking classes (call/email for prices). Whether it’s a one-on-one class or a cooking party for your guests, Chef Angela can customize a cooking class experience for you and your guests. The one I really want to try is her Iron Chef Cooking Party – making a cooking class a fun competition for you and your friends (so call Chef Angela to schedule yours – and then invite me!). It sounds like such a fun night: gather a group of friends – or guys, gather your buddies for a night of learning how to impress the ladies! – and let Angela teach you some fantastic recipes and cooking techniques that you can use long after she leaves your home.

If you don’t have time to call Chef Angela and schedule a cooking lesson or party, perhaps you’ll just want to listen to her podcasts. She interviews renowned chefs, talks about menus and recipes and provides culinary entertainment and education! Above all, she wants you to remember, to “Kick Back and Kook!”

WHAT: Kick Back and Kook! with Chef Angela McKeller – Visit www.KickBackKook.com for details!

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