#117 – Try a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine – Over 100 Drink Options – Only in Georgia and California!

Here’s one more reason to love living in Atlanta – Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines! coca-cola-freestyle-atlanta-ga

There are only 41 locations in the entire country (at the time of this post’s publication) where you can experience the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, and the Atlanta area has about half of them! In nineteen locations across the Metro Atlanta area, you can dispense 106 different Coca-Cola products, instead of the usual six or eight that normal fountain drink dispensers provide. You can expect the usual: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Hi-C; the somewhat more difficult to find, like Barq’s Root Beer, Barq’s Diet Root Beer, Pibb Xtra, and Minute Maid Lemonade; and the downright hard to find, like Fanta, Dasani Sensations, and Dasani Club Soda.

And that doesn’t begin to describe the flavor choices: for Coca-Cola and Diet Coke alone, you can try lime, orange, vanilla, cherry, or raspberry flavors. Similar choices for Minute Maid flavored lemonades and Dasani Sensations flavored waters. 106 choices in all – not to mention what you can create on your own; for example, we tried mixing Coca-Cola Orange with Coca-Cola Vanilla, and then Coca-Cola Vanilla with Fanta Orange in a quest to create the perfect creamsicle-flavored soda. Given a little more time (and an unlimited capacity for soda-drinking), I’m sure we could’ve come up with some other yummy combos!

So check out the Facebook page for a list of the locations around Atlanta (there are currently machines at various locations around Atlanta, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville, Smyrna, and Milton), and then head on out to try it yourself!

(Pssst…a little birdie told me the next stop is Dallas! So tell your friends in the Lone Star State the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines are on their way!)


WHERE: Various locations across the Metro Atlanta area – click here for a complete list!

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