#118 – MetroFresh – Fresh Food Fast…and Now I Get It (Well, Even More Than Before!)


So here’s the thing. I realize that many of the places I visit and write about are well-known, much-visited staples of Atlanta. Whether great local lunch spots or fabulous local pubs or late dinner favorites, I realize that every post I write is not news to everyone. MetroFresh opened way back in 2005 – eons ago in restaurant-years – and is no exception.

My friend Shayne, whom I met there for lunch yesterday, eats there multiple times a week (lucky girl, her office is right across the street!). I had been a few times before, but yesterday, eating there with someone who is truly a regular, I have a new appreciation for just how much of a favorite it is and it’s definitely one of my new faves!

Here’s the deal if you’re not in the know (or if, like me, you were just plain ignorant!): The menu changes every day and is anchored by a daily selection of ever-changing soup selections, from the light and veggie to hearty; a few selections today were Mitchili (Mitch’s Signature Chili), Garden Vegetable, Beef Stew with Herbs de Provence, and Chilled Carrot Ginger Coconut. There are also sandwiches and side dishes that rotate in and out, with a few popular choices reappearing again and again. There’s always a tuna salad, a chicken salad and a chilled grilled chicken breast. Today, I was tempted by almost everything on the menu, but settled on the Greek-Style Tuna Salad, full of garbanzo beans and dill (among other delicious, crunchy ingredients) and the Chilled Honeydew, Mint and Goat Cheese Soup (pictured – I was tempted by one of today’s sandwiches – Roasted Turkey and Brie on Bone Bread with Greens, Quince and Fig Jam – but the Tuna Salad won me over). The portions are generous, the ingredients fresh and crisp, and the food healthy and appetizing. And it’s heaven for anyone who gets bored by the same old/same old – the ever-changing menu is a refreshing departure from the norm. Posted daily on their website along with a daily blog-style message from owner and chef, Mitch Anderson, you can begin your day thinking about what you’ll be eating for lunch! metrofresh-midtown-promenade-931-monroe-drive-atlanta-ga-chilled-soup-tuna-salad

There is also a daily breakfast menu – from 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM, consisting of warm cereal, muffins and breads (from Atlanta’s own Breadwinner Breads), fruit, juices, and other healthy choices to lure you away from McFast Food. There are a couple of daily dinner selections. And what caught my eye – and made my mouth water while perusing the website, is the brunch menu, meaning that I have added yet another place to my ever-growing list of Atlanta brunch locations I am eager to try. Served Sundays from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (now that’s my idea of a brunch – nice and long and lasting almost until suppertime), the brunch menu includes soup selections, a savory egg dish, a sweet dish, and (after 12:00 noon – thanks, Georgia, for your weird alcohol laws), wine and Proseco Mimosas.

From a design perspective, I think I was born to love this place. Those of you who know me know that I love the color green. MetroFresh is green, green, green. From the awning to the patio chairs to the inside paint color to the plates – it’s a soothing, mellow – yet intense – shade of green that makes me feel right at home. It’s comfortable, yet clean and modern. Even the candleholders are filled with cool green lentils (note to self – do try this at home).


WHERE: MetroFresh – 931 Monroe Drive, Ste. A106, Atlanta, GA

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