#131 – The Pie Hole – 100% From-Scratch Homemade Pies in Downtown Roswell


The June/July issue of Garden and Gun magazine arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago with a saliva-inducing photo of a perfect cherry pie on the cover, advertising “An Insider’s Guide to Pie Shops” in “The Secret South.” Imagine my surprise that Roswell’s The Pie Hole was not included in the list!

Perhaps it’s because The Pie Hole has only been open a couple of months , or maybe Garden and Gun just doesn’t have a large readership in the Atlanta area (no Metro Atlanta area locations made it into the selections). Whatever the reason, Garden and Gun missed out. But you’re lucky – you don’t have to. Here’s why you should visit The Pie Hole today: the-pie-hole-1025-canton-street-roswell-ga-blueberry-pie

As my mother says, you can either make a good pie or you can’t. The Pie Hole owner Alayne Graham clearly falls into the category of definitely can make a good pie. Upon opening on November 11, 2009, Alayne found herself with more than 200 pie orders for Thanksgiving, a mere two weeks away. What a beginning!

Alayne hand-rolls her own dough for the pie crusts weekly – she doesn’t use a pastry roller. Making a good pie crust is an art on its own! She also uses only fresh fruits for her fillings – no frozen or canned fruits of fillings make their way into her pies. Since she only uses fresh fruits, her menu varies with the seasons. When I visited The Pie Hole last week, I had the most luscious slice of blueberry pie (pictured), with huge ripe blueberries right in the peak of the summer season. Other tempting flavors on hand the day I visited included Buttermilk, Apple with walnut crumb topping, Mixed Berry, Orange Buttermilk, Pineapple Coconut, Chocolate or Lemon Chess, Cherry, Peach, Pecan, and Coconut.

Alayne is humble about her shop and her success, but she also knows she has a rare product – and it’s more than just her pies. She told me, “I know my pies are good, but it’s really about customer service. I’m a Southern girl – people like the Southern hospitality.” She’s friendly and open, chats with each of her customers, as a steady stream came through in the brief time I was there to enjoy my pie. The shop is delightfully rustic – set back from Canton Street behind a historic home. You may miss it on your first drive-by, but keep en eye out for the sign on the side of the road and turn down the gravel drive to the large wooden garage with the tin roof.

On another note… Afraid that packing in the pie will pack on the pounds? Fear not – there’s a Pilates studio (seriously!) right upstairs from The Pie Hole. So you can indulge today!

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Listen to @JimBoyea on Twitter: “I just left Pie Hole. @365atlanta was right on.”


WHERE: The Pie Hole in downtown Roswell – 1025 Canton Street, Roswell, GA 30075

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