#135 – Enjoy Brunch at Rosebud in Virginia Highland This Weekend – and a Chance to WIN a $200 Gift Card!


The first time I had brunch at Rosebud, I was nothing short of impressed, as Rosebud-1397-north-highland-ave-atlanta-ga-chef-ron-eyester-traditional-housemade-bloody-marysoon as I sat down at the bar. I hadn’t even seen a menu yet, but the drink menu offered Housemade Bloody Marys – I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It’s a rare (not impossible, but close to it) find in Atlanta, a restaurant or bar that makes its own Bloody Mary mix. Even the best Bloody Mary mix from a bottle has nothing on a good, spicy homemade mix.   Rosebud’s Bloody Mary mix is crave-worthy – made in-house with San Marzano tomatoes & Neil Taylor’s tomato juice – and the drink is available in a couple of delicious variations: the traditional Bloody Mary,The Bloody Bart (a spicier version with the housemade Bloody Mary mix and Sriracha), and The Naked Mary (house-infused tomato vodka, caper juice & lemon). There’s reason enough right there for you to get out to Rosebud for brunch this weekend!

On top of that, the food is some of the best brunch fare around; with so much to choose from, there’s truly something for everyone. From Housecured Salmon (served on grilled semolina bread, with fromage blanc, capers & onion – below left) to a twist on traditional Grits (Benton’s country ham, goat cheese & aged balsamic – below center) to Sausage Sliders (with eggs and housemade pimiento cheese – below right).


On the “lunchier” side of brunch, I’ve tried some delicious options, as well: Chicken Liver Toast (with smoked bacon & pickle relish – below left), Tempura Eggplant Chips (with green curry ketchup & goat’s milk feta – below right) and the Big Brown Bowl Caesar (with cypress grove cheese and semolina croutons, and marinated white anchovies, if desired – not pictured).


For more brunch offerings that make you go “yum”, you can check out Rosebud’s brunch menu online. And for those of you who are Breakfast-food-for-dinner people (like me!), Rosebud does a special Monday Night Brunch every week, featuring a lot of the weekend brunch faves along with some new options. Some intriguing choices (which are on my must-try list) are: the Peanut Butter and Bacon Patty Melt, the Crunchy Southern Belle (Berkshire ham, pimento cheese, béchamel & fried egg), and Country Ham and Brie French Toast. And to bring the convo back to Bloody Marys, there’s the Poor Man’s Bloody Mary – organic tomato juice, citrus, & the “champagne of beers.” (And of course, Rosebud is open for lunch and dinner, too, and puts on some fabulous music-themed dinners…all topics for future discussion!)

Owner and Chef, Ron Eyester, is an ever-present, jovial fixture in the restaurant – greeting guests, bringing plates to tables himself on occasion, making sure everyone is happy, and of course, enjoying their food. Follow him on his Twitter handle (@theangrychef) for an entertaining – if somewhat cheeky – glimpse into the world of Rosebud behind-the-scenes from Ron’s alter ego. Next time you visit Rosebud, look for Ron and tell him 365Atlanta sent you!

And now for the juicy part: Rosebud is giving away a $200 gift card to the restaurant to the 2,000th fan on their Facebook page. All you have to do is visit the official Rosebud page on Facebook and click LIKE at the top of the page. And then spread the word! And if you’re not be the 2,000th fan, spread the word and one of your friends might be – and then they can take you out to Rosebud for a fabulous meal! Better yet, help Rosebud get to 5,000 fans by July 1 and Absolut Vodka will help sponsor the one-year anniversary party – and you’ll be invited!

WHERE: Rosebud1397 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA

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365Atlanta.com is not a sponsor of the Rosebud 2,000th Fan Gift Card Giveaway.  It is, however, our pleasure to spread the word since we love Rosebud…and think you will, too!  Visit Rosebud’s Facebook page today, become a fan, and share the love!

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