#199 – Happy Birthday to Me…and You! Enter to Win a Pair of Atlanta Braves Tickets for Sunday, August 29, 2010!



In celebration of my birthday, I’m taking a day off from work – all work! And my birthday means presents for me…and a contest for you!

I’m giving away two (2) tickets to the Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins baseball game with access to the 755 Club, on Sunday, August 29, 2010, at 1:35 PM, at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia! YOU could be the winner and be enjoying the baseball game this weekend, almost like getting a present for MY birthday!

To enter, all you have to do is:

  1. Subscribe to 365Atlanta.com by entering your email address on our home page (you will have to confirm your subscription with the link that will come to your Inbox, and “Like” us on Facebook. And then…
  2. Comment on this blog post (#199 – Happy Birthday to Me…and You! Enter to Win a Pair of Atlanta Braves Tickets for Sunday, August 29, 2010!) and tell us what your birthday wish would be, if you were blowing out your candles today, too. Be creative! I really want to know YOUR birthday wish (and since it’s not really your birthday, most likely, you won’t void your wish by telling us!).

It’s simple! I want you to subscribe to us and I want to hear from you!

You must enter by 12:00 noon on Tuesday, August 24, 2010. The winner will be notified via email and announced on 365Atlanta.com by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, August 25, 2010.Winner will be required to pick up the prize the Fox Theatre Box Office Will Call during normal business hours, after 12:00 noon on August 25, 2010 and before 12:00 noon on Saturday, August 28, 2010 – no exceptions.

Tell all your friends – if they win, they may take you out to the ballgame!

Happy Birthday to Me…and You! Enter to Win a Pair of Atlanta Braves Tickets Today!

Click here to review Contest Rules. Entering a comment on this blog post constitutes your entry in this contest and your affirmation that you have read and accepted the Contest Rules.

25 Enlightened Replies

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  1. Anything? Probably a new car. With talks of expanding the family, we’ll need a bigger one in the near future! :)

  2. Melodie says:

    My birthday wish – A bag of money would appear on my doorstep, so my husband could quit his job, and we would travel the world with all four of our kids. And they would never say “are we there yet”, they would just make happy sounds and have fun the entire time.

  3. Rita says:

    Happy birthday! And, go Braves! :)

  4. Katie B. says:

    Happy Birthday! My wish? That my husband’s new business will be a success! Also, I’m a subscriber :)

  5. Tiffani says:

    My birthday wish would be something my kids and I have always dreamed of doing…travel to New York around Christmas time, take in a show, shop and see the sites. We have never taken a family vacation sadly and they are now young adults!

  6. Stephie says:

    I would wish for my own home in the mountains on a lake. :)

  7. Andrew Brotherton says:

    A fun filled vacation to someplace tropical or cable in my brand new apartment as it hasn’t been hooked up yet.

  8. Nicole says:

    Wishing you a delicious day!
    My birthday wish would be for a fully-paid bungalow ITP!

  9. Tia says:

    For my son to have a wonderful birthday. Turning 3 on August 29th.

  10. Patti Webb says:

    My Birthday is the 27th and I just moved from DC. I’ll be renewing my Passport, and getting a brand new Georgia license. Happy Birthday to us!

  11. Henry Wilson says:

    My 65th birthday was June 30th. I would love to go on a Pitcairn Island Cruise.

  12. Stephanie Allen says:

    My birthday wish: Take a year off work and travel the world.

  13. Katherine says:

    I’d love a shopping spree to my favorite stores! Nothing like splurging with some birthday money :)

  14. Jan says:

    My Birthday wish is for good health and happiness for my two children!

  15. Wendy says:

    Durrr.. I don’t follow directions well, I left a comment on Facebook and not here, here’s my comment, this time in the CORRECT spot: My Birthday Wish – To win the lottery… LOL (isn’tt hat everyone’s birthday wish?) then I could buy what I really WISH for that would take too long for me to list on this comment box. Oh, and 1 thing to add to my wish (since it was to win the lotto so it’s unlimited what I can wish for.. LOL) August 29th is my son’s 11th birthday and THAT would make HIS wish come true.

  16. Brent Ellis says:

    Next year is my big 4-0, I am cresting the hill and about to reach that plateau. My wish would be very basic, to have continued good health. Without good health, nothing else will matter. But with a healthy life I can continue to do my part to leave this place better than it was when I got here, I can provide for my family, I can enjoy my future grand kids, and enjoy good friends!
    Not spectacular or exotic, but with a long life, all of those other things are possible. 😉

  17. Sarita says:

    Happy Birthday to you! My birthday wish would be to return to Belize where my husband and I honeymooned. We were at the Turtle Inn. It was the best location to lounge and be worry free.

  18. steph says:

    hb! if it were my b day, i’d wish for… a better postal service.
    maybe then i could get all the birthday cards my friends and family say they sent that i never seem to receive:)

  19. Lauren says:

    Happy birthday! My fantasy birthday wish would be a magical power to bestow upon others their own fantasy birthday wishes for eternity. Oh, and cake. With sprinkles, please? :)

  20. April Roper says:

    Happy Birthday! My wish would be that my birthday was actually in the summer so I could spend it at the Braves game. Too bad it’s in December. I suppose I could wish that the baseball season lasted all year! Go Braves!

  21. Stephanie G says:

    My birthday wish would be to be given an open ended ticket to anywhere and enough vacation to just travel for a few weeks.

  22. Marilyn says:

    Since my birthday is October 24th, my wish is that the Braves are still playing then! Gotta take it all the way!

  23. Paul says:

    Happy Birthday! My wish would be a World Series win for the Braves!

  24. Maura says:

    CONGRATS to Jan, who was our 14th comment and the winner of the contest! Jan, I’ve emailed you – please reply ASAP to claim your prize!

    Keep reading 365Atlanta.com – you never know when our next giveaway will happen!

  25. Wendy says:

    Congrats Jan!!! :o)

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