#246 – 11th Annual Trees Atlanta Tree Sale Tomorrow – Saturday, October 9, 2010

11th-annual-trees-atlanta-tree-sale-225-chester-avenue-atlanta-gaThe 11th Annual Trees Atlanta Tree Sale is tomorrow – Saturday, October 9, 2010 – from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Serving as a fundraiser for the nonprofit, Trees Atlanta, the annual tree sale offers over 1,000 trees,plants, and tree-friendly vines for sale to the public.

This year’s sale “focuses on shade trees and native trees that are disappearing from Atlanta’s urban landscape,” and is a chance to purchase varieties not widely available from nurseries and often overlooked by landscapers. The long list of special trees included in this year’s sale includes: beech, swamp chestnut oak, ostrya, mockernut hickory, turkey oak, walnut, Virginia pine, yellow berried American holly, contorted weeping redbud, weeping bald cypress, dwarf bald cypress, yellowwood, and paw paw. There will be tree experts on hand to advise about tree planting and care, as well as answer any other questions. For a complete list of trees and plant varieties available at this year’s sale, please click here.

The annual Trees Atlanta Tree Sale raises money for NeighborWoods, Trees Atlanta’s volunteer tree planting and conservation program.  NeighborWoods volunteers plant more than 2,000 trees every year, in barren areas where shade is most needed and care for the thousands of trees planted in past years. Impressively, NeighborWoods uses 100% recycled water to care for the trees they plant, and volunteers give over 17,000 hours a year in their efforts.

Trees Atlanta is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. They would like to encourage everyone to experience the aesthetic and energy-saving benefits trees provide year after year. And even better: you’ll be enjoying trees you personally selected for your home! Personally, I love coming home and seeing my dogwood tree every day, knowing that I planted it as a small sapling and have watched it grow over the years, taken care of it when it was diseased, watered it, and nurtured it. A friend of mine has planted a tree for each of his children when they were born, so that they each have their own tree as they grow up.

What tree story can you begin to write with the tree you purchase from the Trees Atlanta Tree Sale?

WHERE: 11th Annual Trees Atlanta Tree Sale – 225 Chester Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30316

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