#248 – Put a Little Spookiness in Your October with Roswell Ghost Tours

Looking to add a little SPOOK to your Halloween? How about a little walking ghost tour through historic downtown Roswell?

I’ve taken the tour for the past couple of years, and it does not disappoint! The spook factor was definitely there, especially with all of the great stories the guides have!

For example, our first official stop was Bulloch Hall, where the mother of Teddy Roosevelt lived before she was married. The home has had a few tragic deaths and some strange occurences, and most of the evidence of hauntings is in electrical activity, like lights going on and off at night, whether the timers are set for the lights or not. When we approached the house, the porch lights were off (see photos below), but when we were done with our visit, I looked back and the porch lights were…on. We were too far away by that point to get a photo, but…creepy.


We also visited the Founders Cemetery, where the founders of Roswell, like John Dunwody (original spelling) and Roswell King are buried. Now, I love cemeteries and I don’t even mind them in the dark. However, hearing stories about confirmed hauntings while standing in the dark with only our flashlights to guide us was downright eerie…


especially hearing about the little girl who likes to sit on the lower branches of this tree, who has been seen on numerous occasions watching the tours as they go by.


Other sites on the tour include: Barrington Hall, Mimosa Hall, The Bricks, and even a haunted intersection at Atlanta Street and Sloan Street/Park Square. But the most spine-chilling of all, is the house that the guides themselves call “The Creepy House” and for good reason – just look at it!


So whether you’re a true believer or just this side of a skeptic, this tour is a great way to celebrate Halloween with family and friends! With fun stories, a little bit of history, and the chance to see something a bit out of the ordinary! Keep in mind – this is not a costumed, storytelling tour – there are plenty of those around the city if that’s what you’re looking for. The tour guides at Roswell Ghost Tours consider themselves paranormal investigators and tell the stories of “current paranormal phenomena routinely experienced by residents [and] business owners” in Roswell.

For more information, visit the Roswell Ghost Tours website – just click here. There you’ll find all you need to know about the tours, the history and how to make a reservation. For a complete calendar for tours from now through the end of November, you can go straight to the calendar page by clicking here. Tour times vary based on the guides schedule and can start as early as 6 PM and as late as 10 PM. They will last, from my experience, about 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Private tours may be available, depending on the day. The cost is $15 for adults, $10 for children under 12 (not including guide gratuities).

Plus, for those of you with furry friends who might want to accompany you on the tour, there’s one more “Bring Your Leashed Pet” night – Saturday, November 20 at 8 PMClick here for the schedule!

Have a fun, spooky…but safe Halloween!

WHERE: Roswell Ghost Toursclick here for Reservations or call 770-649-9922

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