#333 – This Christmas Night, Take a Drive Through the Tackiest Lights in Town! Check out Tacky Light Tours!


It’s Christmas Day, and just because I’m taking the day off doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a great thing to do!

After you’ve opened your presents, eaten your dinner and sung your carols (because we all celebrate like we live in a Norman Rockwell painting, right?), why not take a drive through some of the tackiest light displays in your town?

You may have already visited the “Insanely Huge Holiday Display” in Buckhead, but there are more…many, many more! I suggest you check out www.TackyLightTour.com and then start driving. Representing tacky light displays in over 300 cities around the U. S. (and a couple in Canada!), the site features interactive maps of the tackiest light displays around. You can submit your own home to the site , but Tacky Light Tours requires that each house have 20,000+ lights in order to be featured!

Now if you’re thinking that “tacky” is a bad thing to be, here’s the Tacky Light Tour answer: “Of course [it’s not bad], especially when you’re talking about Christmas decorations tacky has become a word symbolizing the truly special homes and businesses that pack so much excitement into a limited space that jaws drop, eyebrows raise and smiles adorn a thousand faces.”

When you’re wondering what to do when you’ve watched the last hour of “A Christmas Story” on TBS and eaten as much pie as you possibly can, grab the family, jump in the car and go enjoy some tacky light!

WHERE: Your town! Visit www.TackyLightTour.com, all around the Metro Atlanta area


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  1. Donald says:

    I might just have to do this to revisit those days driving through Domino’s Farms back in MI on Christmas holidays.

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