#335 – My 2011 Atlanta Bucket List – What I’ll Be Doing, What You Can Look Forward To, & How About You?


Instead of resolutions this year (which we all know get  broken more often than fulfilled), I decided to make a 2011 Bucket List – the top 25 things I want to do, try, experience in Atlanta before the end of the year. Some things I’ve never done, some things I like to do again and again…

So here it is: my 2011 Atlanta Bucket List! Of course, there were way too many great upcoming events to list here – this is just my Top 25! I encourage you to make a list of your own – tell us below what you can’t wait to do in and around our fabulous city this year!

1. North Georgia Canopy Tours – we have a “ice”-check from December, when we got iced out. Can’t wait to zip through the trees in the North Georgia mountain!
2.  Hike Stone Mountain & have a picnic at the top – I haven’t hiked up the mountain in ages!
3. Attend the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Gone With the Wind at the Margaret Mitchell House – What better way to celebrate my all-time favorite book?
4. Visit BOTH Gone With the Wind museums – Marietta and Jonesboro – see #3.
5. Go horseback riding at Lake Lanier
6. Become a “regular” at Farmers Markets – there’s nothing 365Atlanta supports more than local businesses. This year, I want to get up and out early on Saturday mornings and explore more of what our city’s Farmers Markets have to offer.
7. Make more time for art – visit the HIGH Museum whenever there’s an exhibit that interests me
8. Atlanta Food and Wine Festival –
in May, inaugural year for this much-anticipated event
9. Have a romantic picnic in Piedmont Park – we’ll have to wait for spring for this one, but it’s a “must-do” for this year
10. Go tubing on the Chattahoochee on a hot summer day – grab some friends, jump on a tube and have a lazy day on the river
11. Ride the Pink Pig – I missed it again in 2010 and have never done it!
12. Tour Sweetwater Brewery
13. Greet U.S. troops returning home at Atlanta Airport with the U.S.O. – what better way to feel patriotic and to thank our troops for their service to our country?
14. Eat my heart out at the Chili Cook-Off at Stone Mountain this fall
15. Take the CNN tour
16.  Visit The Varsity –
I’ve never done it, I’ve resisted for 11 years…2011 may be the year
17. Take the Atlanta Preservation Center’s Walking Tours – they include The Fox Theatre, Grant Park, Historic Midtown and more!
18. Tour Georgia Wine Country – spend a weekend sipping what North Georgia has to offer
19.  Sing my heart out at Happy Karaoke – Buford Highway’s premiere Korean private-room karaoke
20.  Make time for more trips to “the corner” for The King of Pops
21.  Take a cooking class at Cooks Warehouse with a favorite local chef
22. Walk in the Atlanta Community Food Bank Hunger Walk in March –
I’m already signed up!
23.  Check out the Winter Beer Carnival in February
24. Take a helicopter ride over the city
– this one’s for the hubby!
25. Sit in the “All You Can Eat & Drink” seats at an Atlanta Braves game

And not to leave out good eatin’, here’s my 2011 Restaurant List – places, new and familiar, I want to try this year. Are some of your favorites on this list?
1. Muss & Turners
2. JCT Kitchen
3. Serpa’s
4. Lotta Frutta
5. The Sound Table
6. Au Pied du Cochon
7. The Family Dog – opening soon!
8. Holman and Finch – gotta get my hands on one of those burgers!
9.Nan Thai Fine Dining
10. Cakes & Ale
11. Watershed
12. The Shed
13.  Abbatoir
14.  Hong Kong Harbour for Sunday dim sum
15. Bacchanalia – a girl can dream, right?

Won’t you add your “must-do” items below? We want to hear from you!


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  1. ClaireS says:

    Oh I SO wish I lived in Atlanta again to do some of the fun things there. Zip lining in the N GA mountains is on my list, too.

    And girl … you’d better get yourself to the Varsity pronto! Whaddaya have????

    I have to admit that the Pink Pig was a whole lot scarier when it was on the roof of the old Rich’s building back in the 60’s and you were in a car that seemed perilously high over the city. The new train is cute (and a whole lot safer), kids are slightly bewildered, but it’s a fun family tradition during the holidays.

    And #15 Bacchanalia? It’s TOTALLY worth it! Make reservations now!

    Happy 2011!

  2. Cindy Moseley says:

    Sounds like a fun year you have planned.
    I know the mother of the owner of King of Pops, they are so delicious. I had one at the Snellville farmers market.
    I would like to go to the Chili cookoff took, I always talk about going, maybe this year too, let me know what day you go, maybe we can meet there.
    You need to put lunch with me on your to do list this year.


  3. Russ says:

    The wife and I did the North Canopy tour this past summer and had a blast despite the heat.

    JCT is fantastic and I would go back in a minute!

    There’s nothing really special about the Sweetwater Brewery but it might be because I’ve been too many times. Plus it seems the quality of their brews have been dipping.

    I strongly <3 Muss and Turners. Try the beef tare tare. It is the only place I'll even consider eating it. Make sre you sign up for their free reward card. You get credit every dime spent.

    Baccanalia is a really good dining experience but the wife and I think it comes down to your waiter as to how good it really is.

  4. Nichole K says:

    Great list!

    My only exception would be the ‘All You Can Eat Seats’ at the Braves. Terrible!!! You can’t eat whatever you want to; there is a tiny little stand behind the seats that has shriveled up little burgers and dogs (yuck), chips, sodas, and lemon posicles for dessert. Don’t do it! ;o) Best of luck to you on all your endeavors.

  5. Maura says:

    Ooh! Thanks for the tip, Nichole! That one was suggested to me by a friend…I will keep your warning in mind!

    Have a great day!

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