Celebrate Atlanta’s Many Historic Landmarks with the Atlanta Preservation Center’s 8th Annual Phoenix Flies


A phoenix is a mythical bird that would burn itself on a funeral pyre and then rise again as a symbol of hope and rebirth. After the Civil War (or the War of Northern Aggression, for those of you who prefer that term), Atlanta adopted the phoenix as its official symbol, as it rose from the ashes of Sherman’s destruction and was essentially reborn. It is no coincidence, then, that the Atlanta Preservation Center’s annual celebration of Atlanta’s landmarks is called Phoenix Flies.

This two+ week event is a “Citywide Celebration of Living Landmarks,” from March 5 through March 20, 2011, and includes dozens and dozens of free events for all. The events include guided tours of city landmarks like The Fox Theatre and Rhodes Hall, historic neighborhoods like Grant Park, Druid Hills and Inman Park, and other amazing churches, landmarks, and historic homes. Some of the most interesting and fascinating things I’ve done in Atlanta is APC’s guided tours of The Fox Theatre and Grant Park. I learned more about our city during those two events!

Best of all – all of the events are FREE!

Created in 2003 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the rescue of The Fox Theatre by the Atlanta Preservation Center, the Phoenix Flies event is in its 8th year and is widely anticipated each year. If you like what you see on this year’s schedule, you can join the Atlanta Preservation Center for as low as $35 a year, which grants you access to free tours throughout the year and helps to support APC’s mission to continue preserving our beautiful and historically significant city.

Check the online schedule for the full calendar of Phoenix Flies events. Events are categorized by venue, by neighborhood and by “events for kids” to make your planning even easier!

WHERE: Atlanta Preservation Center’s 8th Annual Phoenix Flies – various locations around the city

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