Our Libatious Nature Created a Signature Cocktail for our Blog-Birthday! Here It Is: Maura’s March on Atlanta – Enjoy!

Below is a guest post from my dear and brilliant friends Nicky & Katruska of Our Libatious Nature. They were generous enough to create a signature cocktail for me to celebrate the one-year birthday of 365Atlanta – and even more generous to write this post. Please visit them at www.OurLibatiousNature.com and if you are a cocktail lover, subscribe to their site for bar and drink reviews, original recipes, drink histories and more!


It was only a year ago that our good friend Maura Carey Neill had the brilliant idea to provide Atlantans with daily tips on where to go, what to do, how to experience, and why you should get out and explore our great city. The blog was an instant success and took off like wildfire.

Wildfire. Atlanta. A certain march. Hmmm…

Nicky and I (Our Libatious Nature) could not pass up the opportunity to give the gift of libation on this special occasion. So we created a new cocktail entitled “Maura’s March on Atlanta.”


We quickly determined a direction for the taste profile representing Atlanta – sweet tea, peaches, hooch. The tea component was easy. What Atlantan has not brewed up a pitcher of Luzianne tea?  We originally planned to use Georgia corn mash, but then we discovered the recent release of Bulleit Rye.  We muddled peach slices, added the tea and the rye, and sweetened with a simple syrup. Then we realized we needed the burn on the back end, so the simple syrup became a simple tea syrup infused with a habanero pepper. The final touches were a splash of Mathilde’s Peach Liqueur and some orange bitters.

In true southern fashion, we served this up in a Ball Mason jar. If you are the resourceful type, you can actually mix the drink in the ball jar itself, seal, shake, then drink right out of the jar! A great perk for someone like Maura, who is all over town and could use a portable libation.

Happy anniversary, 365Atlanta! Sláinte!

our-libatious-nature-mauras-march-on-atlanta-signature-cocktail-maura-neillMaura’s March on Atlanta (MMA)

  • 3 oz Luzianne unsweetened tea
  • 2 oz Bulleit Rye
  • 3/4 oz habanero infused simple tea syrup*
  • 3/4 oz Peach Liqueur (Mathilde’s)
  • two dashes orange bitters
  • fresh peach slices (or frozen if need be)

Muddle peach slices in bottom of shaker. Add all ingredients with ice and shake. Strain and serve over ice in a mason jar.

*Habanero infused simple tea syrup – Mix 1 cup of your tea and one cup sugar and boil it to a syrupy consistency. Add one habanero pepper cut in half. Allow to co-exist for a few hours in a sealed container.

Read Nicky & Katruska’s original post about Maura’s March on Atlanta here.

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