Gearing Up For Spring With Happy Flower Hour at Pike Nurseries – Friday, March 25 – Plus a Chance to WIN!


Spring has sprung! The official first day of spring was yesterday, Sunday, March 20, 2011, and if you’re like me, spring fever has more than set in. The gorgeous weather we’ve had this weekend makes me want to get outside and soak it all up…and beautify my yard while I’m at it! Whether you have a huge yard just begging for flowers and a vegetable garden or a cozy balcony that is desperate for some spring cheer and color, Pike Nurseries has the perfect event for you this Friday!

Pike Nurseries’ Happy Flower Hour is Friday, March 25, 2011 from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Stop into your local Pike Nurseries for an evening of wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres to welcome gardeners looking to get back into the gardening spirit. WIth storewide specials and discounts and gardening experts on hand to give advice on every aspect of your yard and garden – from flowers and shrubs to vegetables and herbs.

Newbie to gardening or think you have the exact opposite of a green thumb? No problem! Pike has gardening experts on hand to give advice and make suggestions to help make your gardening endeavors a blooming success! (My husband and I are the perfect example – we went from knowing nothing to having a huge vegetable garden, simply by asking for advice during each visit to Pike! All flowers and veggies pictured are from OUR garden – a testament to their guidance!Already an expert but want to branch out and try something new? Pike Nurseries can help you take your expertise to the next level!

Friday’s event is FREE so plan to use this beautiful weekend enjoying the sunshine and celebrating spring in your garden!

WIN! Enter to win a $50.00 Pike Nurseries gift certificate from! To enter, comment on this post below with your biggest burning gardening question. For second entry you can tweet the following: “I just entered to win a $50 @PikeNurseries gift certificate from @365atlanta. Click here for details! #365Atlanta”. You must be our fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to be eligible to win. For complete contest rules, click here – entering this contest via blog comment or tweet constitutes as your affirmation that you have read and accepted the Contest Rules. You can enter to win until noon on Thursday, March 24, 2011!


WHERE: Pike Nurseries – various locations around the Atlanta area and in Charlotte, NC, click here for locations

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  1. Sarah Walraven says:

    Very cool! I JUST cleared two large beds this weekend to prep for my first veggie garden. I’ve armed myself with books and Google, but still am not sure if I have my timing for planting down. I guess my biggest question is what can I start from seed, and what needs to be transplanted as seedlings?

  2. Desirae Johnson says:

    Love eating veggies, but can’t seem to make them grow (except for cucumbers)! We were growing our veggies in a greenhouse and decided to try open-air gardening this year instead. Are there any “tricks” to getting beautiful veggies, and how does open-air gardening differ from greenhouse gardening?

  3. Trudy Medrano says:

    What kids of shrub can I plant that will thrive in an all shade backyard?

  4. Chris Hall says:

    What’s a good colorful, pretty shrub that can be planted by the mailbox and withstand the elements?

  5. Danielle says:

    I know nothing about gardening, flowers, growing, etc, but I do know that my apartment feels too “urban”. What are some easy, low-maintenance and indoor plants I should incorporate into my decor that are both dog and cat friendly (nontoxic)?

  6. Emily says:

    Is there a trick to getting hollyhocks to bloom in GA? Or is just not possible? I have the worst luck with them!

  7. Andrew Brotherton says:

    How do I keep from killing everything in my garden?

  8. Betty Dworschak says:

    Question: I know I should wait to fertilize azaleas after they bloom, but does that hold true for: (1) Encore azaleas (the reblooming azaleas); (2) native azaleas; and (3) azaleas’ friends, the hydrangeas?

  9. Katie says:

    I am so excited to learn more about balcony garden growing!

  10. tiffany helmly says:

    my grandma & i joke that we have a black thumb because we kill EVERYTHING! we’ve been told it has something to do with the oil in our hands… Is this true? and is there anything we can do about it?

  11. Amelia says:

    I need tips for growing herbs and possibly vegetables in window boxes and pots on my front porch. I rent a duplex in an “urban” neighborhood without any actual garden space, but I really want some plants in my life. I would to find fun, unique ways to grow things without having a patch of land.

  12. Sarah Woodward says:

    We transplanted a japanese maple 3 years ago and it died this last fall. Not sure what caused it, but afraid it might happen again if we replant. Also having a hard time NOT overwatering my hastas. Yes, I kill hastas! yikes?!?!

  13. Got a composter for my birthday- Yay!!! Problem is, it’s not ‘cooking’… Is it just too early in the season?

  14. Roger B says:

    yesterday’s yard work = today’s body hurt! can’t wait to do some more.

  15. Dawn Clayton says:

    I have a bunch of wildflower seeds and I was wondering if I could just sprinkle them out or if I needed to till the area? Newbie here by the way.

  16. Carrie B says:

    Just planted the community garden yesterday and rooftop and with the rooftop garden I’m always worried about the intense heat. Should I water twice a day, morning and evening or just when the soil is dry an inch down or ???

  17. Betty Dworschak says:

    Consider dieffenbachia. Though wikipedia says it can be mildly toxic, none of my cats have ever tried to eat mine and mine’s been alive for many years with minimal care.
    See photos and details at:
    Another choice – Areca Palm.
    I recommend you get one or two plants – invariably getting too many gunks up the apartment, makes too much work, and hence you give up. :-)

  18. Kristen S says:

    Is there any other way to rid my yard of invasive bamboo besides weekends of grueling labor & my trusty (yet back-breaking) mattock?

  19. Stephen F says:

    whats a easy fruit tree to grow in GA

  20. Laura Knee says:

    What is a good, hearty year round potted plant for Georgia patios/balconies?How do you keep plants from dying when you move them to a bigger pot? How do you know when it’s time to move to a bigger pot?

  21. Marissa K. says:

    How do I keep deer and other critters from eating my plants? Are there specific flowers that deer and rabbits don’t like?

  22. We are on Spring #2 with our veggie gardens. What is the best ORGANIC fertilizer and best way to keep weeds out if NOT doing raised beds.

  23. Cynthia Rose Pekurovsky says:

    I have very little flat space in my yard. Can you suggest some good inexpensive plants that I can use on slopes that will with stand allot of rain. The errosion is an issue. I want to help prevent it, and hope to put in perrenials on the hills of our property. Or small shrubs, and there are allot of existing trees so many roots and partial shade conditions. Then after I plant, to prevent the rain from washing the new plants away…Should I use small pepples as mulch instead of actual mulch?

  24. Darlene Smith says:

    I need to know what kind of hardy low maintance plants to use around pool???Will be full sun.

  25. Dolores says:

    What’s the best way to keep a veggie garden when you live in a t

  26. Michelle Williams says:

    what’s the best bug killer to use on our veggies that won’t hurt us ?

  27. Dolores says:

    (Con’t) town home and only have a small plot of land to work with? (please only count this entry!) wasn’t cheating I promise I’ll spank my iPhone! (bad iPhone)

  28. Lisa Sanders says:

    My roses are already budding, is it safe to fertilize them yet? I am scared because we have not passed out Last Frost Date.

  29. Jennifer says:

    My condo complex has two planters by my door and whatever is planted always seems to die b/c no one waters. I want to put something in here that looks nice, but is minimal in effort (I can barely remember to water my own plants). What’s something that green and hearty that doesn’t need a ton of care?

  30. Sara says:

    Can’t wait to get out in my garden this year…and an extra $50 to spend at Pike would would be awesome. What I want to know is what are those weeds that are wiry with tiny evil thorns and those huge tumor-looking roots that just travel all over the place called? AND HOW DO YOU GET RID OF THEM?

  31. Denise says:

    What are the best vegetables to grow in containers besides tomatoes?

  32. Laraine says:

    What is the best grass seed to use in the shade?

  33. lila davidson says:

    Is there ANYTHING I can grow in that wonderfull red ga. clay filling my backyard.. Or am I destined to just plant in pots on the porch.

  34. Nikki says:

    What shrubs would do best under pine trees in an area that only gets direct sunlight mid-day?

  35. Karen says:

    What is a bright/colorful plant comparable to the wieglia?

  36. We have an all-shade front & backyard. We live on a lake and are blessed with the shade, but there is no grass to speak of (only a few weeds) and certainly no garden of any sort. What can I do??

  37. Lynn says:

    I’m in search of shade loving plants. It’s time to acknowledge that grass will NEVER grow in one section of our front yard. Last fall, I tested the soil to verify that it’s not a soil problem. This spring it is time to select plants that will thrive in the shade with a dabble of morning and afternoon sun rays. I’ve prepped the area with weed guard, mid-size rocks and pine straw. Need advise on plants!! Thanks, @LynnATL

  38. I have a very pesky squirrel that kicks up all my annuals on my porch deck to bury and do all of his squirrely spring things he must do. Stopping short of putting up bob wire, how can I prevent him from doing this? Thanks! @fadoinsider
    oh, and I should definitely be picked for the $50 gift card…said squirrel has ruined $50 worth of annuals so far 😉

  39. Trisha says:

    how can i keep the squirrels out of my yard and eating everything i am trying to grow!?

  40. Debra says:

    This may be a strange question…but I love palm trees. My welcome mat, pillows on my couch,,they all feature palm trees. But I would love to plant one outside my bedroom window. What a joy it would be to wake up to that site. Is it possible to grow one in Stone Mountain and what kind should I purchase?

  41. Jennifer says:

    I live in an apartment so I’m always interested in suggestions for planter boxes on a balcony that doesn’t get full sun.

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