WIN a VIP Margaret Mitchell/Gone With the Wind Experience from 365Atlanta and the Margaret Mitchell House!

margaret-mitchell-house-atlanta-history-center-ga-gone-wtih-the-wind-75th-anniversary-may-2011Well, fiddle-dee-dee! If you love Gone With the Wind as much as I do…this may be your lucky day! You don’t have to be a “Windie” to WIN your way in to this exclusive Margaret Mitchell/Gone With the Wind experience…you just have to enter below!

This summer is the 75th Anniversary of the publication of Gone With the Wind and the city is celebrating in high style – and you can join in the festivities in true Atlanta style – with a VIP experience at the Margaret Mitchell House!

This invitation-only event is Saturday, May 7, 2011, from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM – and the only way in is to WIN! The special event includes private tours of the Margaret Mitchell House, photo opps with a Scarlett O’Hara look-alike straight from Scarlett’s home of Jonesboro, Georgia, refreshments provided by Whole Foods and much more fun!

Five lucky winners will each receive a pair of tickets to this very special event, as well as a pair of tickets to each of the following attractions: the Road to Tara Museum in Jonesboro, the Gone With the Wind Tour in Jonesboro, the Atlanta History Center, the Margaret Mitchell House, and the Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum: Scarlett on the Square. That’s 6 pairs of tickets – an incredible prize pack for any fan of Gone With the Wind!

Here’s how YOU can enter to WIN! Tell us below which Gone With the Wind character you most associate with or admire and why. Perhaps it’s one of the four below – Rhett Butler, Scarlett O’Hara, Melanie Wilkes or Ashley Wilkes…or maybe it’s Belle Watling or Frank Kennedy or Mammy or Aunt Pittypat. Tell us which GWTW character resonates the most with you, the one who is your favorite, the one who stands out – and you’ll be entered to win one of five Margaret Mitchell Experience prize packs!


Two Ways to WIN: Subscribe to and post a comment here on this blog post with your favorite Gone With the Wind character and why. You can enter only one (1) time with a comment here. You can also get one (1) additional entry by following @365Atlanta on twitter and tweeting this:

“I just entered to win a Margaret Mitchell/Gone With the Wind Experience from @365Atlanta! #GWTW75”

The contest will be open until Thursday, May 5, 2011, at 6:00 PM, and the winner will be drawn on Friday, May 6, 2011, before 12:00 noon. Click here to review Contest Rules. Entering a comment on this blog post constitutes your entry in this contest and your affirmation that you have read and accepted the Contest Rules.

Photos courtesy of the Margaret Mitchell House and Atlanta History Center


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  1. Meg W says:

    I admire Melanie Hamilton Wilkes. She is always able to find the best in everyone, and even defends her sister-in-law Scarlett! She is such a kind, warm and practical person. A real asset to her family!

  2. Desirae Johnson says:

    It may seem cliché, but the character I admire most is Scarlett. Sure, she starts off as a selfish brat and it seems that she carries this trait with her throughout the story, but it’s her love for Tara and her insane will to survive/survival skills that keeps her, her family and friends alive. If it wasn’t for Scarlett’s selfish fight, everyone would have perished. Plus, she does redeem herself in the end when she realizes that she does in deed love Rhett and was a fool for chasing Ashley all those years.

  3. Sheena Myers says:

    The character I most admire is Scarlett. Her quick wit, playfulness while trying to get her way, her ability to think through any crisis & her courage. She is selfish but never boring.

  4. Sarah Johnston says:

    Melanie is the character that I most admire. She has overcame quite a bit–her parents died at a young age and was raised by her aunt and uncle in a sheltered environment. Her beloved brother died at war of pneumonia leaving a bitter, depressed sister-in-law (Scarlett). Melanie always looks for the good in others and is loyal and loving towards Scarlett. She is one of the only friends to encourage Scarlett and Rhett’s relationship. Although Scarlett is the “beauty” of the movie, it is Melanie who is the “rock” and encourages Scarlett to be the best person that she can be.

  5. Sarah Johnston says:

    Please forgive my typo… she overcame** not she has overcame.

  6. Alex McGee says:

    The character I most admire is Rhett Butler. He’s sharp, funny, and always sure of what he wants. He’s courageous and will fight for what he believes in even when he knows it’s a losing battle. We see that he is a great father to Bonnie.

  7. Lauren says:

    A favority GWTW character of mine is Mammy. Mammy is one of the truly decent people in the novel/film. She judges according to what she sees and hears, but is quick to forgive when her first impression is proven wrong. Her one fault is that she is so fiercely devoted to Scarlett that she actually helps her steal Frank Kennedy. Rhett says that she is the true head of the household, for she manages all the physical details of running a house but also speaks her mind regarding manners and appropriate behavior. She and Melanie are the two people whose good opinion Scarlett cares about.

  8. Melissa says:

    Scarlet O’Hara is a classic heroine. We see the journey she makes from an immature spoiled southern belle to a strong courageous woman. Scarlet is able to adapt to her surroundings and thrive. As she evolves she never fully abandons her selfish roots but she is able to subdue for the greater cause. She learns some hard lessons along the way and becomes a much better person for enduring through her firey trials. I see a little Scarlet in all of us.

  9. Jenn says:

    I definitely associate myself with Scarlett. A flirt when I was young, always finding strength I didn’t know I had. I’m luckier than Scarlett though, I managed to recognize true love before it was too late.

  10. Sarah B says:

    I actually like Rhett the best. What you see is what you get. He’s not the most moral character, for sure, but you never have to wonder what he’s up to plus he doesn’t put up with Scarlett’s nonsense and is a big factor in her growing up.

  11. Corinne Kennedy says:

    Scarlett O’Hara is my favorite character. Despite Scarlett’s reputation for being a harlot, uncaring and rude. She is a renaissance woman who cared deeply for her family and did what was necessary in the wake of a war to survive. In her own words, “If I have to lie, steal, cheat. I will never be hungry again.” Everyone around her scorned her for the decisions she made, but it was those decisions that put food on the table and a roof over their heads. To Scarlett’s own detriment, she discovered love too late. Rhett always loved her and she ran around after a boy who could never love her, for her “passion for living.” It was her own stubbornness that prevented her from acknowledging the one true love in her life.

  12. Marnye says:

    My favorite character from Gone with the Wind is Rhett Butler. He owns his perosnality. He never misrepresents himself and sees the world with a bit of scepticism.
    Plus, Who doesnt love it when, he also falls madly in love with Scarlett?!

  13. Linda says:

    I would have to pick Mammy as my favorite character. She forms her own impressions of people rather than rely on the words of others.

  14. Kevin says:

    I am doing this in hopes of winning for my wife. She is a hugh fan and so she is who I will use as the charchter.

    By far she is Mammy. Mostly cause she is the loving caregiver that takes care of everything. You see my wife has the worlds toughest job. She is a stay at home mom to our 3 year old son. She like Mammy manages to take care of our home, and both my son and I. There are days where I wonder how she can even find enough hours in the day. So I hope you pick me cause Lauren (my wife) derserves her very own special GWTW day. It is her favorite book and movie after all.

  15. Maura says:

    CONGRATS to our lucky winners! Kevin, Corinne Kennedy, Meg W., Sarah Johnston, and Paul (@pbarren from his Twitter entry)!

    We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

    And to the rest – thank you so much for entering and reading Stay tuned for more great giveaways!

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