My 2011 Atlanta Bucket List – A Self-Check-Up (a.k.a. “I’d Better Get a Move On!”)


We’re almost halfway through the year, so I thought it might be a good idea to do a little check-up on my 2011 Atlanta Bucket List, cross off the things I’ve done and make a plan for the next couple to come off the list! Here’s where I am so far:

1. North Georgia Canopy Tours
2.  Hike Stone Mountain & have a picnic at the top The hubby and I have made plans to do this in the next couple of weekends…we’re even hoping to bring Charlie the Wonder Beagle along! I’ll be sure to post the video – it’s gorgeous there in the spring!
3. Attend the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Gone With the Wind at the Margaret Mitchell House – What better way to celebrate my all-time favorite book?
4. Visit BOTH Gone With the Wind museums – Marietta and Jonesboro
5. Go horseback riding at Lake Lanier
6. Become a “regular” at Farmers Markets Most have just recently opened for the season – waiting for Saturday mornings without clients!
7. Make more time for art – visit the HIGH Museum whenever there’s an exhibit that interests me
8. Atlanta Food and Wine Festival –
in May, inaugural year for this much-anticipated event
9. Have a romantic picnic in Piedmont Park
10. Go tubing on the Chattahoochee on a hot summer dayPlans are in the works!
11. Ride the Pink Pig – Christmastime will be here before we know it!
12. Tour Sweetwater Brewery
13. Greet U.S. troops returning home at Atlanta Airport with the U.S.O.
14. Eat my heart out at the Chili Cook-Off at Stone Mountain this fall
15. Take the CNN tour
16.  Visit The Varsity –
This one still scares me…debating whether it will actually happen or not…
17. Take the Atlanta Preservation Center’s Walking Tours
18. Tour Georgia Wine Country – Dear Hubby, I could use a vacation, soon. Just sayin’.
19.  Sing my heart out at Happy Karaoke – Buford Highway’s premiere Korean private-room karaoke
20.  Make time for more trips to “the corner” for The King of Pops I’ve done this, but it’s an ongoing process!
21.  Take a cooking class at Cooks Warehouse with a favorite local chef
22. Walk in the Atlanta Community Food Bank Hunger Walk in March –
UPDATE: sadly, I was sick that weekend, so I’m moving this to next year’s to-do list!
23.  Check out the Winter Beer Carnival in February
24. Take a helicopter ride over the city

25. Sit in the “All You Can Eat & Drink” seats at an Atlanta Braves game

Not bad. Six crossed off and one, sadly, moved to next year. Plans for four more are in the works. But clearly, I need to get a move on!

How are you coming on your Atlanta Bucket Lists for 2011? Or if we’ve inspired you to start one today, let us know what you’re going to definitely try to do to explore Atlanta this year!


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  1. Laura says:

    What on earth could be scary about going to the Varsity?? Friendly people, excellent fast food, Atlanta tradition- what more could you want?

  2. Several of the farmer’s markets operate during the week. You can check out the Dunwoody Green Market on Wednesday morning. The drive thru farmer’s market at the intersection of Johnson Ferry and Ashwood/Dunwoody on Thursday afternoon – and the EAV market is also from 4 – 8pm on Thursdays. Holler, perhaps we can meet at the Dunwoody Market one Wednesday morning! Great bucket list…

  3. jld1593 says:

    My husband and I did #1 back in April and it was really great. I think you’ll enjoy it and I’d recommend anyone adventurous in ATL to check that out.

    Regarding #6, you should totally check out the Grant Park Farmers Market (Sunday mornings). It is new and awesome. I bought the best peaches I have ever eaten there last weekend, and had a cross between a sandwich and a crepe. Divine.

    #9: Don’t park on 10th, and if you do, don’t leave ANYTHING visible in your car. Your window will be smashed in and your goods will be gone when you get back. Trust me.

    #18: Check out Yonah Mountain Vineyards. I know the family who owns it and they couldn’t be lovelier. While they have a tasting room off-site, they’d be more than happy to take you on a tour of the actual vineyards if you asked.

  4. Maura says:


    Thanks for reading and commenting. The food is the scary part to me – as I’m not a hot dog, chili-dog OR fast-food person! I know the people are great and I’m all about the tradition. I will try it (but I can’t promise to like it)!

  5. Maura says:

    Hi, Lynn! Thanks for all the Farmers Markets tips – I know you know your stuff! I’m especially putting the drive-through one on my list! :)

  6. Maura says:


    We had a reservation for #1 in January, but it got iced out. We’re trying to find the time to reschedule – soon! Thanks for the tips and ideas on the others – much appreciated!

  7. susan says:

    i love this list and it really makes me miss Atlanta a lot. i was born and raised there, however, i have missed some of the things on your list. i will need to try some when i move back. Regarding #2 on your list: i would save that for when it gets cooler or go later in the day. the trail can get a bit crowded. and don’t be afraid of the varsity, but if you go, you need to have the orange dream drink.

    Fernbank Science Center – planitarium.
    The Vortex in Little 5 Points
    The Clermont Lounge – only ONE time just for the experience
    little 5 points halloween parade

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