GUEST BLOG from Cindy Simmons at Star94 – Help Cindy Help the Girls of Atlanta’s Wellspring Living!

Every once in awhile, I like to donate a post to a great cause – here’s one I’m hoping you’ll jump on board with, too! It just takes a moment of your day to CLICK HERE to vote for Cindy Simmons from the Cindy and Ray Show on Star 94 to win 11Alive’s Guest Co-Host Contest to win $1,000 for her charity-of-choice, Atlanta’s Wellspring Living, which aids girls and women who have been victims of sex trafficking, right here in Atlanta. 

Please read Cindy’s guest post below to find out more about this amazing local charity and why she supports them! And then click here to vote – you can vote as many times as you’d like until noon on Friday, November 4, 2011. Help Cindy to help the girls of Wellspring Living!


In Cindy’s words:

I met Atlanta photographer Andy Brophy from One Nine Images a few years ago when we had to do our new Cindy and Ray/STAR 94 “class pictures” as we call them. lol These are the pictures you see on our website. After that photo shoot, my dear friend (and STAR 94 midday girl) Heather Branch and I attended an art exhibit that Andy put on with a friend. It included pictures of his recent trip to India and his experience working with an organization that helped fight against human trafficking. It was heartbreaking. I knew NOTHING about human trafficking. Nothing.

Shortly after that, I had a pretty intense telephone conversation with Andy on the way out of town for a family trip. My fiancé, Eric, listened to my conversation with Andy as we drove for miles and miles.  When Andy shared with me just how much child sexual trafficking goes on in our own backyard, I almost fell over! I was embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know this was something that happened in our country much less in our own city, ATLANTA! I was naïve, very naïve. I could not stop thinking about our conversation the entire weekend. That was the day I felt my life change.

Eric and I have been so deeply affected by this fight against human trafficking that we wanted to do as much as we could. We partnered with Andy, now our Wedding Photographer, to be the first couple participating in his LOVE GIVES WAY idea! We also decided that when we registered for our wedding gifts, we would make our Target registry 100% for the girls at Wellspring Living.

Recently, when I was invited by 11Alive to participate in their morning co-host competition they told me I had the chance to win $1,000 for the charity of my choice. This was a no brainer: Wellspring

So here’s the deal…all week, 11Alive News is featuring radio personalities as guest co-hosts on 11Alive News. I hosted Monday morning with Ted Hall and Karyn Greer, and I would love if you could, please vote for me as your favorite to win because if I get the most votes, 11Alive will donate $1,000 to Wellspring Living! Woohoo!CLICK HERE TO VOTE!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Cindy Simmons

What is the mission of Wellspring Living?
Confronting the issue of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation through treatment, education and advocacy for girls and women.

What does $1000 for Wellspring Living provide?
Clothing and shoes for two girls while in the program for a year
A Laptop computer for the computer lab
School supplies and tutoring services
Intensive individual counseling while in the program

Why you should vote for Wellspring Living to win?
Vote for Jessica, who needs a safe place to live and rebuild her life.
Vote for Andrea, who has never had anyone tell her that she is loved.
Vote for Amy, who dropped out of school at 15 and needs to “catch up”
and that her dream of becoming a social worker will come true.
Vote for Sarah, who was sold at the age of 11 by a family member and
now hopes to use her recovery to help other girls

Some Wellspring Living facts:
According to the Center for Disease Control (Dec 2005), 1 in 4 girls is sexually abused before the age of 18.
According to the GA Governor’s office for children and families CSEC tracking study, 100 girls under the age of 18 are raped for profit on a typical night in Georgia.


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