Wednesday Happy Hours at Rosebud – $5 Cathead Martinis Make It a No-Brainer!

Virginia-Highland staple Rosebud is no stranger to the happy hour scene – the popular “Drinks with Jeff” on Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 gives you three wines with cheese for just $15. But Wednesdays were feeling a little left out  so chef/owner Ron Eyester made happy hour a little bit happier at Rosebud, with the addition of $5 Cathead Martinis on Wednesday nights. Some girlfriends and I recently had a little holiday happy hour to sample them, as well as some delicious eats from The Angry Chef’s kitchen.


Three tantalizing choices - all for just $5 on Wednesdays

rosebud-1397 north-highland-ave-atlanta-ga-ron-eyester-cathead-martini-martinis

Cathead Blues (left) and The Spicy Kitty

With three tantalizing choices, we of course had to try them all. The consensus was that, hands-down, the Cathead Blues (Cathead Vodka with local blueberry cider and fresh lemonwas the favorite. A touch of blueberry without being too sweet, and gorgeous in the glass (hey – it was a table of girls, what do you expect?). The Spicy Kitty came in a close second (Cathead Vodka with ginger liquor and housemade apple cider– it was delicious, and after all, it truly has the best name. But for you purists, the Straight Cat is perfect for you (though we know you’ll eventually take our word for it and just order the Cathead Blues).

A visit to Rosebud isn’t complete without eats. It’s not easy to recommend a single dish – so I’ll show you what we shared. With appetizers for every tastebud, as well as hearty entrees and mouthwatering desserts, you can turn happy hour into a four-course meal…and be glad you did.

rosebud-1397-north-highland-ave-atlanta-ga-ron-eyester-housemade-pimento-cheese-spicy-saltines of my favorites on the Rosebud menu - Housemade Pimento Cheese with Rosebud Spicy Saltines. Makes my mouth water. $7.

The Housemade Pimento Cheese is a no-brainer. Even if you don’t love pimento cheese, order it. It’s a guaranteed favorite, especially with the spicy Rosebud Saltines.


Cranberry Mac and Cheese - I say, yes, please!

Cranberry Mac and Cheese (sigh). My photo (above) doesn’t do this mac and cheese justice – it was late, the lights were low, and quite frankly, we couldn’t wait to dig in and eat every last morsel, so we didn’t waste too much time playing around with the lighting to get the photo right…it’s that good. There’s a better photo below, courtesy of Rosebud. If you’ve never thought to put cranberries in your mac and cheese, this dish will show you what you’ve been missing.


Photo courtesy of Rosebud,


One of my must-haves at every visit: Chicken Liver Toast - with smoked bacon and pickle relish. $6


Eggplant Tempura Chips - with green curry ketchup and goat's milk feta. $8.

WHERE: $5 Cathead Martinis on Wednesdays at Rosebud1397 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA

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