Georgia Olive Oil Available Right Now (Until Bottles Run Out!) at Star Provisions


Georgia Olive Farms Olive Oil...

Back in December, my friend Tim Gaddis, the Cheesemonger at Star Provisions (some of you may know him as @timthecheeseman on Twitter) posted this tweet:


And then this one:


So I FLEW (not literally, but almost) down to Star Provisions and secured one of the only twelve bottles they had in stock. Only TWELVE bottles! I didn’t know that Georgia produced olive oil, so I had to try it. According to Tim, this was the first olive oil produced in the state since the early 1800s. A fact that the Georgia Olive Farms website confirms: “Georgia Olive Farms, in 2011, conducted the first commercial harvest of olives east of the Mississippi River since the late 1800s.” Amazing! But with only 12 bottles in stock, which sold within the first hour of being in the store, I couldn’t very well tell you all about it. That would be, well, bragging!

Imagine my delight when this little gem popped up on Facebook last night:


Don’t say I don’t keep you in the know! I know for a fact that the bottles are there NOW! You don’t even have to wait until Friday. And 120 bottles – so much better than twelve!

We have really loved the Georgia Olive Oil in our house. Tim described it to me, when I bought my first bottle, as “bright fresh cut grass aromas with buttery olive flavor and a spicy finish“. Olive oils, like wine, I’ve learned, have different flavor profiles and though the fresh cut grass doesn’t come out when I taste it, it certainly is buttery with a little bit of a spicy bite at the end. We’ve loved it with freshly-baked bread and on an arugula salad with some freshly shaved Parmesan – the spice of the arugula really works well with the spice in the oil. It’s an oil that you really want to taste, not cover up.

There are 120 bottles in stock – and probably going quickly! The cost is $36 for a 500ml bottle, according to Tim’s Facebook page. You’re going to want to try this olive oil – you can thank me later!

WHERE: Georgia Olive Farms Olive Oil, back in Stock at Star Provisions – 1198 Howell Mill Road Northwest  Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 365-0410

Georgia Olive Farms on Facebook | Georgia Olive Farms on Twitter
Tim the Cheeseman on Twitter


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