Chef Jennifer Levison’s New Book “Souper Jenny Does Salads” Proves That Local Soup Maven is About Way More Than Just Soup!


Chances are, if you live in Atlanta and you love healthy, delicious, fresh food, you’ve eaten at one of Chef Jennifer Levison’s restaurants, Souper Jenny and Café Jonah. You may have even caught Jenny on one of her many appearances on the Today show, where she cooks up delicious seasonal soup (and now salad!) recipes for Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Devotees of Souper Jenny know that the restaurant is about way more than just soup – it’s delicious soups, salads, and sandwiches made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, with a daily-changing menu (which you can have delivered to your Inbox every morning!).

souper-jenny-does-salads-jennifer-levison-cookbook-atlanta-gaI got my hands on Souper Jenny’s soup cookbook, Souper Jenny Cooks, a couple of years ago and thought, “Finally! The secrets to Jenny’s delicious soups, right in my own kitchen!” (My favorite is her Gazpacho – I mourn in late summer when it slips off the menu in favor of cold-weather options).

And now, Jenny gives us a cookbook of her divine salads, Souper Jenny Does Salads, because after all, she may be known for soups, but her salads definitely don’t take a backseat. Known for imaginative uses of super-fresh ingredients – some of which come straight from her front-yard garden (I’ve seen it – it’s incredible), her salads will make a veggie-lover out of the most staunch carnivore. Jenny is an inspiration to not only eat healthier, but to cook healthier in your own home.

Like the first book, which helped me make Jenny’s delicious gazpacho in my very own kitchen, with this one, I’ve discovered a newfound love of wheatberries. Jenny’s Favorite Wheatberry Salad (pictured below) will be a summer staple in our house!

Her book launch party a few weeks ago, in the adorable Buckhead cottage that houses Café Jonah, featured a table of salads from the book and a lively crowd of family, friends and fans. With signature, salad-inspired cocktails – the Orange Spritzer and Days of Wine and Roses – by local libation experts Nicky and Katruska of Our Libatious Nature, we toasted our favorite soup-and-salad maven and her latest delicious publication.

You can order both of Jenny’s books – Souper Jenny Cooks and Souper Jenny Does Salads – on Souper Jenny’s website. I recommend both!

WHAT: Order Souper Jenny Does Salads today!

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Me with Chef Jennifer Levison and her fantastic new cookbook, Souper Jenny Does Salads!


Souper Jenny's Organic Kale Salad with shiitake mushrooms and miso dressing - one of my favorites!


In front, Jenny's Favorite Wheatberry Salad (page 91 in the book), with chicken salad and hummus (behind). With this salad, I discovered a newfound love of wheatberries - this will be a summer staple in our house!


Nicky and Katruska of Our Libatious Nature provided summer salad inspired cocktails, the Orange Spritzer (pictured here) and Days of Wine and Roses



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