Yum’s the Word at YumDiggity at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market


My feast: chicken sausage topped with caramelized collard greens and spicy brown mustard. Delish.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market is a veritable treasure trove of deliciousness – from fresh produce, meat and seafood to baked good, flowers, and a diverse selection of restaurants, it’s no wonder the market thrives.

yum-diggity-atlanta-ga-hot-dogs-menu-board-209-edgewood-ave-se-atlanta-gaThe newest kid on the block is brought to you by the  innovator that introduced Atlanta to its first food truck, Yumbii, and helped spearhead the city’s food truck movement – and they’d like you to come down to YumDiggity.

YumDiggity is more than just a hot dog counter – with a promising slogan (“Home of the Gourmet Frank”), YumDiggity offers a variety of franks, brats and sausages all free of MSG, fillers, artificial flavors and animal by-products.

Not being a hot dog fan myself, I admit I was a wee bit skeptical. However, I come from a household that adores hot dogs (my dad and brother are huge hot dog fans, my husband went through a period of eating a dog a day, and my mother’s hot dog casserole had it’s glory days in the late 1970s), so I felt a responsibility to give it a try. That, and I the gracious folks at YumDiggity had invited me for lunch – how could I say no?

Immediately on arrival, I realized that this is not just a place for die-hard hot dog lovers. If you’re a little hot dog shy (like me), there are a couple of choices that will appeal. There are, of course, the usual suspects: the All-Beef Franks for you traditional hot dog lovers. There are also the Hotlanta Red Hot Franks, Beer Brats, Beer and Cheddar Brats, German Brats, Spicy Italian Sausage, Spicy Chicken Sausage, Beef Polish Sausage, and even Veggie Franks to satisfy the non-carnivores who may wander by.


YumDiggity Partners Jonathan Young (left) and Ed Hanger, together with YumDiggity Creator and Owner, Carson Young (not pictured) bring their gourmet dog concept to life.

yum-diggity-atlanta-ga-hot-dogs-sausage-retail-209-edgewood-ave-se-atlanta-gaThe Build-Your-Own-Frank offers toppings including  including fresh relish, gourmet mustards, collard greens, sport peppers and Cheese Whiz (which will make my dad especially happy!). For my dog (pictured above), I chose the Spicy Chicken Sausage and topped with with caramelized collard greens and brown mustard. The collard greens were a very happy surprise – flavorful with a hint of sweetness – and they complimented the slight spiciness of the chicken sausage well. (Alas, non-meat-eaters, these collards are not a vegetarian preparation.) With no lack of side items to complete your meal – I recommend the onion rings, which are ginormous – I think you’ll find that yum’s the word at YumDiggity!

Want to bring the yum home with you? YumDiggity also sells their gourmet, ready-to-grill brats, sausages and hot dogs, fresh out of the case and ready for your grill! For you Braves fans, present your Braves ticket you receive 10% off retail purchase of ready-to-grill brats, sausages and hot dogs!

YumDiggity serves lunch from 11:00 AM until 3 PM, Monday through Saturday.

WHERE: YumDiggity at Sweet Auburn Curb Market – 209 Edgewood Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30303

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Caramelized collard greens on my spicy chicken sausage dog. Yes, please. I'll be back for more.

YumDiggity Hot Dogs_photo by Julia Robbs courtesy of The Reynolds Group

YumDiggity Hot Dogs. (Photo by Julia Robbs, courtesy of The Reynolds Group)

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Full disclosure: YumDiggity graciously hosted me for lunch and my bill was comped by the house. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.


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