Have You Driven a Ford Lately? Why, Yes…And This Week It’s a Mustang!


In my family, we were raised to believe in buying American and to support local business. Buying a Ford from a local dealership satisfied both of those criteria. It helped that, at the local Ford dealership of my childhood, they treated you like family. I didn’t have the stereotypical view of car salesmen back then – it was fun to visit Gary Brown Ford in New Port Richey, Florida. (It helped that a trip to Ford also meant dinner afterward at Leo & Joe’s Pizza, where the walls were decorated with photos of famous frequent diners, like Joe diMaggio, proving that this was real New York pizza, but I digress…)

I grew up with Fords: my grandfather had a Ford pick-up truck for as long as I can remember; my parents had a long line of Fords when I was a kid, including an Escort, a Taurus, an F-150, and an Econoline van. And of course, there was the massive 4-door 1981 Ford LTD that started out as my grandmother’s car and (mortifyingly) became my first car. Now I drive a 2007 Ford Freestyle Limited, a short-lived crossover in the Ford line (they no longer make them) with a third row of seats that comes in handy as a REALTOR®.

So when Allan Vigil Ford offered me the chance to zip around town in a 2013 Ford Mustang GT California Special convertible, I didn’t think twice. Of course, they didn’t know my Ford history, but that only makes the story sweeter. 

Over the next week, keep an eye out for posts and videos of my impressions of the 2013 Ford Mustang GT California Special – I’m excited to learn about all the new technology Ford has put into their newest generation of cars. I have a busy work week ahead so I’ll be doing all the normal things I do…I’ll just be doing them cooler. It almost makes up for that 1981 LTD. 

Buckle up, friends – this week is going to be a fast ride!


Full disclosure: Allan Vigil Ford has offered me the chance to drive one of their cars for free for a week and provided me with a gas card. However, all opinions expressed here are my own

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